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Markets and Share Prices

Desktop and mobile devices

You can monitor daily share price movements across a range of markets from a single list without logging into myDavy by setting up a watchlist. 

Watch shares from across markets - Desktop 

  • Select the green plus button next to any of the equities displayed on
  • The equities you select will appear in the watchlist for an at-a-glance overview on the left hand side of your screen.
  • Add as many equities as you want to your watchlist.

Watch shares from across markets - Mobile

  • Your watchlist will appear at the top of your screen on mobile devices.
  • The first five items in your watchlist will be displayed when you land on the page.
  • Click 'SHOW MORE' to display the rest of your list.
  • 'SHOW LESS' will now appear at the bottom of the list. Click this to close your watchlist. 
  • Scroll down to see the market tables below your watchlist. 

Start your Watchlist now

From the Markets & Insights Page

  1. Find the company that you are interested in the Ireland, UK or US share prices tab.
  2. Click the green plus button on the right of the table.
  3. The company is added to your watchlist and the button changes to a dustbin icon.

From a Company Page

  1. Find the company that you are interested in from the table.
  2. Click on the company name to open the information page.
  3. Click on the plus button to add the company to your watchlist. Click the dustbin to remove it.

The Davy watchlist uses cookies to record which shares you have added to your list. It will not be able to function if you have cookies turned off. If you do not see a green plus button, it may be because you have cookies switched off, or have not accepted cookies on the website.

If you clear the cookies in your browser or in the settings of your mobile device you will lose the content of your watchlist.

If you create a watchlist on your desktop computer, it will not be available on your smartphone or laptop as cookies are specific to the device and browser that they are created on.

For more information on how Davy uses cookies, please see our Privacy Notice page. 

If you have already created a watchlist, but it is not being displayed, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You have cookies turned off. 
  • You cleared cookies in your browser or settings causing the loss of content in your watchlist.
  • You created your watchlist on a different device, or on the same device but a different browser. Because the watchlist uses cookies to remember your selection, it will only be stored in the browser and device that you used to create it.

Start your watchlist today