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Financial Planning

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Helping you build your future

At Davy UK, we take time to have the conversations around what is really important, so that we can design the financial life plan and investment advice that’s right for you, working with you to achieve your goals and priorities.

Life is made up of different stages, and like any journey, guidance changes depending on the direction we are headed. Our team of financial advisers can help you navigate this journey, with the aim of securing your financial future.

By combining our understanding of your financial goals and circumstances with our view of the world, we can select a suitable wealth management strategy to achieve your specific needs.

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Financial goals

When you think about it, peace of mind often comes when you put a plan in place, whatever aspect of your life that might be. Knowing you’ve allocated time and focus to something as important as your financial security can go a long way.

A financial plan is a great way to bring order to your life and the decisions you need to make regarding your finances.

It might be the practical things such as ensuring you have an up-to date will in place or an enduring power of attorney (which appoints a trusted person to take over the management of your assets in the event of incapacity). Passing assets to the next generation during your lifetime and ensuring that you have the right structures in place to do so tax efficiently may be a priority for you.

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Taking control of your financial future is easier than you think

The plan is a living breathing document which can help keep you on track or reposition in times of uncertainty or market volatility. Our view has always been that you should continue to review and refine your financial plan taking appropriate actions where needed to reposition course. Working with our team of financial advisers, we track your progress towards meeting your goals, modifying your investment strategy as needed.

Having a tangible document will help bring clarity when it comes to the decision making process – helping you to break down challenges you may be facing, prioritise what is most important to you and agree an action plan to achieve agreed goals and objectives. By sticking to the plan, or adapting it with your financial advisers, you can delegate the heavy lifting to a team you can trust.

The best place to start is by talking to one of our financial advisers. We begin with a no-obligation conversation that’s simply about you. Once we have gathered the inputs we need, we then create your plan mapping out your future into tangible achievable goals.

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The benefits speak for themselves

Knowing that you are on the right track and that your assets are aligned with what you want to achieve, or that your family is protected in the event of the unexpected.

Some of the benefits are more tangible, with savings realised from having the right tax-efficient structures or solutions in place.

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When should I start?

Like most things in life, the earlier you start, the better the outcome. While it is never too late, the sooner you engage with a financial advisor the better.

We like to think of financial life planning in three-stages priorities changing as we move through the cycle.

Early career – Priorities are wealth accumulation, debt repayment and protection for family in the event of the unexpected.

Late career – Focus tends to be around preparing for retirement and making sure the right structures are in place either through employment or through a business.

Retirement – This can mean lots of things to different people. It may be mean changing direction or pace, even moving from a professional world into a recreational one, or the flexibility to pursue other work and projects or more free time – now the priorities include managing your spending so you’ve enough to enjoy life for the long term. You might also want to leave a legacy, protect dependants or even look at philanthropic initiatives.

Whatever stage you’re at and whatever you want to achieve, we can devise a plan to help realise your goals.

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What makes Davy UK different?

We put you and your family at the centre of our financial planning advice, building a financial plan around our four-step process


It starts with a no obligation conversation – your financial advisor spends time listening to you – what are your unique circumstances, objectives and concerns?

Your goals

The next step is to then translate this to tangible goals – what are the future liabilities that we need to consider as part of your plan?

Building a roadmap

Building a roadmap i.e. a plan which sets out how you can best achieve these goals.

The final step

Ongoing monitoring and reviewing of your progress towards achieving these goals.

What areas of life can Davy UK help me with?

A financial plan is designed to be a comprehensive look at all of the important things in life and how your finances interact with them. Our financial advisors work with clients to address a wide range of different issues. For clients in the earlier stages of their careers, common questions are:

Let's start the conversation.

When I meet with a client my priority is to understand their needs and objectives as effective financial planning can truly make a difference in helping them achieve their financial goals.

Lisa Lucas
Associate Director, Davy Private Clients UK

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