Shareholder Engagement Policy Statement

J & E Davy (UK) Limited’s Investment Committee (the “Committee”), operating under the authority of the firm’s Board of Directors, has responsibility for the selection and ongoing review of the instruments held in clients’ managed portfolios or recommended to be held in advisory clients’ portfolios.

The Committee principally invests in, or recommends, collective investment schemes rather than direct shareholdings in listed companies. However, when it decides to invest directly in shares in listed companies, the Committee acknowledges its fiduciary duty to the firm’s clients and its stewardship obligation to use its influence to create sustainable value for investors, the economy and society; although it recognises that the volumes of its investment decisions are unlikely to be material in influencing the strategic direction of investee listed companies.

As a member of the Davy group of companies, J&E Davy (UK) Limited benefits from the expertise and the robust processes of the group’s investment function. While the Davy UK Investment Committee retains absolute discretion on the selection, retention, and disposal of individual investment instruments, it will consider instruments approved by the group ’s disciplined investment infrastructure in the first instance. In doing so, it supports the approach to shareholder engagement set out in the Davy Shareholder Engagement Policy, which has been endorsed by the Board of J&E Davy (UK) Limited. The Davy Shareholder Engagement Policy can be found at shareholder_engagement_policy.pdf.


Paula Downey

Chair of the Board of Directors, J&E Davy (UK) Limited